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I’m Beached! Tips for Getting Out of the Bunker

I’m Beached! Tips for Getting Out of the Bunker

What could be more exciting than stretching out on the sand on a warm day? Of course, it is a pleasant feeling. However, wait until you are doing it in a bunker on the eighth hole, then you will realize hitting your tee shot in sand trap is not a walk in the park. Moreover, this can be one of the most infuriating experiences while playing golf. Most of the people usually end up tossing their driver down the fairway — bad golf etiquette. If you are in such a situation, just maintain your cool because at Mahopac Golf and Beach Club, we teach you how to get your ball out of the bunker in one shot. With that in mind, let us look at six golf tips that will help you get out of the bunker or sand trap.

  1. Choose the Right Club

    If you want to make the most out of every task, you should choose the right tool. If you find yourself in a green-side bunker, then you have less of the putting green to work with. In this situation a high-lofted wedge, for instance, a 60-degree lob wedge should be the club of choice. Golf pros prefer the lob wedge to lift the ball out and flop it on the green, reducing roll and keeping the ball close to the hole. On the other hand, if you are in a fairway bunker or have some distance to get the green, then you should opt for a slightly lower lofted wedge. A 52 degrees gap wedge or 56 degrees sand wedge should do the job if your close to the green. If your a bit farther out, grab a pitching wedge or 9 iron.

  2. Gripping down a ½ inch on the club for control

    First, let us debunk the myth that choking down on the club will reduce the distance. That is not entirely correct, in fact, you will be surprised the distance will remain equal to that made by full grip. Importantly, by choking down a ½ inch on the club, you get an accurate shot that will get you out of the sand trap.

  3. Employ the Right Set Up

    If you want to hit a good shot from the bunker, then you should consider adjusting your set up or approach. For starters, you need to position the ball back of center in your stance. Additionally, twisting your feet in the sand, will not only provide a good base for your shot, but will also help you understand the depth of sand around your ball.

  4. The Swing

    Now you have the ball where you want it in your stance and all your weight is on your front leg, then it is time to pull the trigger. To make a comprehensive shot you only need to take ¾ of a swing. This swing will help the ball to fly out soft and high with a high degree of control.

  5. Keep Lower body still

    This technique helps to increase stability and places emphasis on the hinge in your wrists which will make for a more accurate shot.

  6. The Follow Through

    In this phase, the only thing that should be moving should be the eyes. To get out of the bunker you will need a steep swing and a high follow through.

Learn how to Get Out of Bunker from a Pro

Are you having a problem getting out of the bunker? At Mahopac, we have professional golf coaches who will help you become a golf pro in a matter of time. We provide highly customized private lesson to help you become an excellent golf player. Join today and receive premium lessons.

For more information contact us at or call us at 845.628.9335.

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